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Quadrante is a laboratory of innovation where each product is the result of extensive research

Precision, Passion and Sustainability

Innovation is more than a word for us; it is our modus operandi. We believe in outdoing ourselves in pursuit of new solutions and delivering to our customers through cutting-edge technologies and an unwavering commitment to a healthy planet.
Discover the beating heart of our operations, where we innovate with precision and turn your vision into reality.

Innovating is Our Nature

At Quadrante, transparency and dedication are intertwined to create a distinctive process that ensures products
of excellence while maintaining a healthy and balanced work environment.
Every step we take is an opportunity to shape the future through sustainable practices and a peaceful work environment.

Our History

Quadrante was founded in Florence in 1998.
From its establishment to the present, the company has dedicated itself to the design, development and production of electronic boards on behalf of third parties, establishing its capabilities thanks to an excellent aptitude for the study of hardware and software problems and the ability to customize its customers’ products.

In 2003, the company decided to enter the mechanotextile industry by designing and manufacturing a clearing system for chenille. With the consolidation of know-how in 2005, the Spider system, which is extremely reliable and accurate, was introduced to the market and immediately met with the favor of major chenille manufacturers. Quadrante boasts a graduation rate of more than 80 percent of its staff and an annual investment in research and development equal to 19 percent of sales (FY 2008 figure). The company invests in the preparation and upgrading of its staff by enhancing their individual professional skills.

What we do

In addition to Oksys and Spider products, our Technology Services are the engine that powers our value.
Take advantage of our expertise and solutions to put your business vision into action and solve your electronic needs.


Oksys has been manufacturing A/C Service Machines in workshops and the automotive industry since 2002 and is present in more than 40 countries worldwide.
We completely follow the design and production of our machines for Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling and Recharge in order to ensure the best reliability, quality and eco-sustainability.

Services for technology

Our company has many years of experience in the development of electronic platforms.
The use of a wide variety of microcontrollers allows us to develop solutions tailored to a wide variety of design requirements.
Quadrante has an extensive library of software developed in-house that enables rapid setup of complex control processes and advanced user interfaces


Our technology supported the quality of textile manufacturing through the Spider system.
The Spider system supports different levels of complexity in yarn processing, making it possible to determine anomalies and defects of various kinds and eliminate them.
It is also possible to have information related to the quantity and quality of the processed yarn.


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