Technology services and electronic solutions

Electronic solutions

Our company solves automation and control problems by designing dedicated boards and integrated hardware and software solutions built on the application.

Quadrante represents the ideal partner capable of reducing product time-to-market by providing complete design solutions in the areas of electronics and information technology applied to control systems. Our experience in a variety of industries enables us to propose technologically advanced solutions tailored to the application at highly competitive costs.

Integration of control devices avoids costly wiring and ensures the best performance. Application areas in which the company has been active include controls for automatic machinery and measuring instruments in the cosumer, office automation, biomedical, marine, heating, automotive, and industrial sectors.


The world is changing rapidly and we are changing with it.
Our business agility enables us to adapt to the challenges of the present and the future.

We are ready to evolve, learn and grow along with changes in technology and market needs.

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